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Recent Cases Highlights_Short

We treat our client’s information with the highest degree of confidentiality. So, in some of the reported cases we highlight work done by our lawyers without disclosing any “traceable” data.

Divorce Proceedings

In February the High Court made a final judgment in favor of our client. She was awarded more than S$ 83 million. It was one of Singapore’s longest and most complicated divorce cases. The assets comprised hundreds of millions of Singapore dollars varying from real estate properties, off-shore companies, bank accounts, private jets and shares in listed companies. The case was initiated around 5 years ago and took more than 35 days in Court for trial.

In addition our client was awarded costs

Real-Estate Deals

Last year our firm concluded the sale of more than 1,000 luxury homes in one of Singapore’s most prominent locations overlooking Sentosa Island. Handling this mega deal brought the firm additional property developments of similar importance.

Private Litigation: SUBWAY against Subway Niche


In 2012, we acted for a Singapore client, owner of Subway Niche, who was up against one of the USA’s top-brand names, SUBWAY. The American giant intended to make our client stop using the Subway Niche name which the company used even before the SUBWAY-chain was present in Singapore. Our client forgot to register his Subway Niche brand name.

Despite the deep pockets of our opponent we managed to protect our client’s interests and he was able to continue using his trusted “Subway Niche” name.



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