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Family & Matrimonial Building_&_Construction_Long

Family and matrimonial disputes are often stressful and sensitive matters for many people. Such matters require careful and discreet handling. We are experienced in advising and representing our clients in sensitive family and matrimonial matters.


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We believe in a constructive resolution of family and matrimonial disputes for our clients so that conflict can, as far as possible, be minimized while also recognizing that the protection of our clients’ interests is our top priority.

Our lawyers handle a wide range of family matters which often involve complex issues of conflict of law, cross border custody disputes and matrimonial asset tracing.

We have acted for clients in cases involving adultery, family violence, tracing of assets (including working with specialised experts in this field), interlocutory injunctions over disputed matrimonial assets, family related multi-jurisdictional litigation and child abduction cases. We have represented clients in contentious asset division cases involving assets valued at more than $200 million and have also represented clients where the ancillary matters have gone up for appeal in the Court of Appeal.

Divorce/Annulment/Judicial Separation
We advise and represent our clients in all areas and stages of divorce, annulment and separation proceedings, including pre-action advice, drafting of court documents, attending court hearings and mediation sessions with our clients; as well as the enforcement of court orders.

Deed of Separation
We advise our clients and draft separation deeds should the parties to a marriage decide to enter into a deed of separation instead of commencing divorce proceedings.

Division of assets and maintenance
The ancillary issues of division of assets as well as maintenance for the wife and the children of the marriage will have to be resolved whenever divorce proceedings arise. We are highly experienced in advising our clients on the ancillary issues, handling settlement negotiations as well as representing our clients in the relevant court applications and hearings to resolve all disputes in respect of asset division and maintenance.

We also act for clients in maintenance summons applications as well as cases involving family violence.

Custody and Guardianship
We handle child related disputes, both in the context of divorce proceedings as well as in custody, care and control and access applications under the Guardianship of Infants Act. We have acted for clients in disputes involving custody, care and control and access to minor children; relocation with minor children to foreign jurisdiction applications; and maintenance applications for minor children.

We assist our clients in handling all court applications in the adoption process.



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