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Engelin Teh Practice LLC (ETP) offers Internships as well as Training Contracts for Law School graduates. However, as a medium sized firm we focus on law graduates who have a strong dedication to practicing Litigation.


Engelin Teh Practice LLC (ETP) offers internships as well as training contracts for law school graduates. However, as a medium-sized litigation firm, we focus on law graduates who have a strong inclination to practice litigation.

Our Internship

Every year, we offer a series of 6-week internships to a limited number of penultimate year university students. It is a great opportunity to test out life at ETP and it is also a great opportunity for us to get to know you better.

We have a structured internship programme detailing the roles and responsibilities of interns, deliverables and timelines which we expect our interns to adhere to. Scope of work for the interns ranges from basic legal research, preparing case notes, drafting opinions, advices, case briefs and assisting the firm’s lawyers in case preparation and accompanying them for court hearings.

As part of the internship programme, interns will get the opportunity to work with different partners in their different fields of expertise. This provides exposure to different areas of law and a variety of legal issues. It provides an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge learnt in class to practical experience while at the same time, developing team working skills. It provides intrinsic learning to hone and developing softer skills including cognitive skills, internal and external relationship management skills and ethical responsibility. We provide holistic personality development that is essential for a future successful lawyer.

Our Training Contract

We do things a little differently in ETP. Our training contract is the beginning of a long-term career for the right person. It is designed to help get your career in litigation off to a flying start.

Trainees who join us arrive knowing that they want to practice litigation as a career but most are still some way from knowing exactly which area of litigation they want to specialize in. Our training contract is designed specially with this in mind. We allow trainees to gain valuable experience in a wide range of litigation: matrimonial, intellectual property, probate and succession, banking, corporate and shareholders’ disputes and of course, contract and tortious issues. The litigation practice is part of the general dispute resolution practice of ETP which encompasses arbitration and mediation.

Once you start, Engelin Teh SC will monitor your progress closely, sitting down with you at regular intervals to discuss your progress, and your next move: the aim is to tailor your training contract to your needs and ambition as well as the firm’s strengths. From the outset, you will be given responsibility and challenging assignments in the corporation’s cases. You will attend client meetings, take notes, prepare drafts of opinions and advices to clients. Trainees will be expected to follow a file from beginning to end: attend court proceedings, draft court documents, do research and assist developing legal strategies for the case. Above all, your ethical responsibility and commercial awareness will be tested and developed as we will be training you not just in the technicalities of the law, but also in the way a lawyer is expected to practice law. ETP adheres to high standards of ethics in practicing law and in ensuring clients’ interests are given top priority. In other words, you are not just training to be a lawyer you are groomed and developed to be the best lawyer you can be.

Our Practice

After your training contract ends, what is next?

At ETP, we are clear that your training contract is just the start of a long term relationship. As you have read, our training is comprehensive and demanding, and we aim to retain all trainees who have proved themselves. When you think about it, we have a very good reason for doing so: by the time you finish your training contract, we would have made a huge investment in developing your skills and abilities. As such, naturally we are keen for you to stay with us and contribute to our progressive and dynamic law practice.

From the day you are called to this hallowed profession, it is up to you to make the most of the opportunities available here to do great work for our clients. The challenges and pressure to perform will be considerable but, as you have read, support and guidance are always available, from both senior lawyers and Ms Engelin Teh herself. And training does not stop when you qualify. Working closely together with a Senior Counsel will “force” you to always be better than you think you are and to always excel in all that you undertake. It will also bring you eye to eye with the client as well as with all levels in the judiciary.

How long does it take to be a partner?

Naturally, that depends on the individual. But let’s just say that this is a firm where ambition, talent and a lot of hard work can win rapid recognition. For proof, look no further than our current partners, several of whom made the grade at just 5 years qualified.



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