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Last Will and Testament Wills_Long_Descr

Drawing up a will can be complicated but can also be very simple. For simple wills (e.g.  where either the surviving spouse or the children are the beneficiaries) we will quote our clients a fixed price.


ETP engages lawyers who are specialized in Legal Wills and Estate Law

A last will and testament lawyer can be instrumental in giving you peace of mind about your long term life planning. Speak with one of our lawyer specialists to ensure your assets are ultimately divided the way you want them to be and you are in control of your estate.

With help from our lawyers practicing estate planning, you can draw up a living will, probate will, living trust will or other estate planning document to fit your criteria and situation. Writing a will is an exceedingly personal decision. It’s important to understand what factors you should take into consideration in preparing a last will and testament, including will power of attorney. Will preparation and the advice dispensed by a wills, trusts and estates attorney is often a key factor in ensuring that a legal will and testament meets all legal regulations.

The decision to enlist a last will and testament lawyer is often difficult to make because many people believe that they should just draft their own wills. An estate law attorney can help you understand all the legal requirements for a will and all the legal regulations and laws you must take into consideration when drafting your own will. Ultimately, you want your will to be a legal document that can be executed after your death. Protect the future of your estate by connecting with a local attorney practicing in estate planning today.

If you own a more sizable estate, a will and estate attorney can help you structure your estate plan to minimize both taxes and probate fees and see that your property goes where you want it to go. The lawyer can also advise you of alternative devices that may save you money and/or increase your control over the property.

Whether you need help drafting a living will or creating a detailed estate planning scheme, you can get in touch with our lawyer Andrew Ho.


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