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Being an integral part of Singapore's Social Community, our lawyers fulfill their professional
and ethical obligation to do volutary work


Our firm’s activities focus on litigation and conveyancing.

And in the area of litigation we are highly specialized on matrimonial lawsuits and civil litigation. In contrast to criminal litigation, these areas do not suit very well for pro bono work.
That is the reason why our lawyers dedicate their time doing Community Service by providing legal advice during “Meet the People” sessions in one of the heartland GCC’s: West Coast GCC.

After a training session to a number of grassroot leaders, those MPS sessions will be attended by at least one of our lawyers every month. Our lawyers help the people living in the estate by guidaing them through the maze of legal options that are open to them to solve their issues.

“It is a very rewarding task” explains one of our lawyers who volunteered most of the sessions. “I like to interact with these heart-landers who come with down-to-earth problems”. “It is a pleasure to help them”.



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