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Corporate Banking & Commercial


Mark Yeo
Mark Toh
Joan Chua


Our Corporate Finance and Commercial Group provide services relating to:-

  • Sale and purchase of shares and businesses
  • Subscription agreements
  • Joint venture, partnership and shareholders' agreements
  • Due diligence exercises
  • Intellectual property documentation including franchising, distributorship, agency, technical assistance agreements, computer law (see also the services provided by the Technology Department)
  • Hotel management agreements
  • Management agreements, consultancy agreements, service contracts
  • Employee share option schemes
  • Corporate secretarial matters
  • Formation and incorporation of all business and corporate entities, including the establishment of fund management and other financial institutions in Singapore
  • A Wide range of Credit and Loan transactions
  • Project financing
  • Real Estate financing
  • Construction financing

Our corporate practice involves complex and major corporate transactions. These transactions are handled by lawyers familiar with the pressures of time and market forces, and who also ensure that the expressed and perceived needs of the clients have priority.

The above is integral and critical to any corporate practice. We represent corporations for whom we provide a full range of advice on matters relevant to corporate activity.  Clients depend on reliable yet creative solutions in effecting their commercial objectives, especially in the restructuring of companies, schemes of arrangement and share buy-backs.

We base our advice on our knowledge and understanding of the Singapore business environment. The ability to focus legal resources in these circumstances at short notice is often critical to the outcome of the transaction.



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