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Banking & Finance


Mark Yeo
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Our Financial Services Department services banks, financial institutions and corporations in respect of the following services and products in the international and domestic financial services sector:-

  • Preparation of financing documentation, including bilateral and syndicated transactions, trade financing, project financing, ship financing and buyer credit arrangements
  • Preparation of documentation for the issue of different forms of debt instruments and commercial papers, e.g. Promissory Notes, Floating Rate Notes, Floating Rate Certificates of Deposit, Deposit Arrangements, Note Issuance Facilities
  • Preparation of documentation for secondary market transfers and participations  through assignments, transfers and funded as well as risk sub-participations
  • Preparation of other financing documentation including hire purchase, sale and lease back, sale and sale back, equipment leasing documentation
  • Property development and projects (see also the services provided by the Real Estate Department)
  • Preparation of standard form of documentation for  banks including facility letters, general terms and conditions, account opening documentation, guarantees and charges
  • Preparation of private banking documentation including master customer agreements, and various documentation for the products and services provided to private banking clients, including foreign exchange margin trading, currency management, advisory and discretionary portfolio management, trust services, custodian and depository services
  • Preparation of documentation in respect of securities and futures, including on an on-exchange or off-exchange basis, and advising on the effect of the relevant laws and rules and regulations governing such trades in the relevant exchanges including risk disclosure, and compliance
  • Advising banks and financial institutions on regulatory and banking issues and instruments, for example, licensing requirements, banking secrecy, money laundering, and other compliance issues; bills of exchange, documentary credits
  • Advising banks and financial institutions on the law and practice in respect of debt recovery, insolvency and judicial management, priority of charges, pre-emptive remedies, standstill and restructuring arrangements, enforcement of claims and security
  • Establishment and registration of banks and financial institutions
  • Advising banks on reorganisation and restructuring and effecting the necessary changes in Singapore
  • Recovery from defaulting customers, including instituting legal proceedings (see also the services provided by the Litigation Department)

Where there is an international element, the department will engage the assistance of its network of foreign legal firms in the relevant jurisdictions. These include countries in the Asia-Pacific region, the tax haven jurisdictions and other countries



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